About Us

Transport Technology Ltd is a design consultancy formed in 1986 in response to the increasing demand for specialist road transport equipment design. We also carry out some general mechanical design work.

The road transport industry is demanding low tare weight, high productivity vehicles to remain competitive and is also required to satisfy Land Transport Design Regulations so a company such as ours provides these services.

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We have design engineers, and draughtsmen, along with office support staff. Most of our work is computer based using Autocad draughting and design facilities in conjunction with structural and finite element programmes. For the standardised work specific to vehicle design we have developed programmes to handle these tasks.

The range of work covers weights and dimensional regulations, truck body and complete trailer design, accident reporting and technical support for legal work. Vehicle body work covers all areas of van, curtainsider, flat deck, skeletal, and tanker application.
The experience and designs cover a range of materials. Namely carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminum, and fiberglass reinforced plastic.
This work is handled for a range of clients who are general and bulk fleet operators, trailer builders, engineering workshops, vehicle and component/product suppliers, and Government Departments. We have also been involved in two Defense contracts for the design and supply of trailers.

We have worked on a considerable range of vehicle chassis and in particular work closely with several vehicle manufacturers, their agents, and transport workshops.

For these people we provide certification for chassis modifications, twin steer modifications, draw beam fitment, and other general vehicle work. We also provide certification and compliance as required by Land Transport NZ for private or commercial importers, as well as engineering reports on vehicle repairs.
In order to remain up to date in an industry which has seen significant legislative change over the past 6 years, it is essential to be involved with groups dealing at Government and national level.
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Image of Truck
Our Engineers have previously worked for motor manufacturers and Legislative compliers in Australia, and are recognised by Land Transport NZ. Transport Technology Ltd is committed to providing quality service and has in place the MotorSafe Quality Management Systems - for Light and Heavy Vehicle Certification.